“Photography is like a dance. Though one may not be conscious of every move, a beautiful frame can still produce because it’s a natural gift; one that learns you rather than you learning it.” – Someone who inspired me

 And just like a tango, I shuffled my feet on and off the court, gliding effortlessly through scenes and stills. Capturing moments in single frames, completely inspired by the passion rooted within these men all the while being consumed in my own ecstasy. To them, the court is a lifestyle It is where friends become family, where lessons are taught, where realities are put on hold, where happiness becomes home. To me, photography is life: instinctive, intuitive, raw, joyful, competitive. Camera to eye to hand, the dance begins with each release of the shutter. This is their journey, my life shared with extraordinary encounters in a parallel universe displaying the same passion in different forms.

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